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Stefanie Rennert is a Self-Expression and Creative Mindset Coach for people who know they "want more," in their work, relationships and life, but feel stuck & confused about what they should do next to make a change. She hosts workshops and works with clients 1-on-1 and in groups.

Stefanie guides her clients to uncover and identify WHO THEY REALLY ARE (at their core, behind the protective walls we all put up) and What THEY REALLY WANT (not what society says you Should want) so that they can TAKE ACTION ON THEIR DREAMS & feel more fulfilled and happy in their day-to-day life.

Stefanie is the founder and CEO of Create Your Calling Coaching which you can think of as the "Brainstorming Think Tank" for your future happy self. Stefanie will help you move away from feeling stuck and confused and towards owning your uniqueness and going for what YOU really want!

In the process of working with Stefanie, her clients build their courage and confidence by embarking on a unique journey designed to help them uncover, rediscover and embrace their unique gifts, strengths and quirks so that they can practice taking their own small steps to become the most authentic and empowered version of themselves. Stefanie wants you to know that this next version of you is already there deep inside... you likely just have blindspots in the way that you can't see... YET! These blindspots can be removed with a helpful coaching guide and accountability structure. Contact Stefanie for a complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call to discuss your personal challenges and to see if coaching can make a difference for you. (Booking link below!)

Stefanie graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Human Development. While making waves in influential roles at Viacom, Nickelodeon, Mashable, and The Girl Scouts of America, she began coaching with Landmark Worldwide's Introduction Leadership Program. She left the corporate scene and began consulting and coaching.

As a life coach, Stefanie harnesses her creativity, playful personality, along with her expertise in project management and compassionate listening to help her clients stay organized, in action and on track with their creative dreams and goals.

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Cornell University (B.S. Psychology)

Landmark Worldwide (Coaching)



I’m an effective and accomplished creative. I’m a published author, film and event producer who is organized and efficient. Even with all of my tools, organizers, apps and to-do lists, what I found is that when Stefanie was there to provide support and coaching, I was suddenly naturally doing the things that I had put off doing. They sat on my to-do list for months and suddenly with Stefanie’s support I just did them and I had fun doing them. She helped me to be free and in action with ease!



I'm a musician and creative. I kept telling myself that I don’t know what I want. I have so many ideas, but it’s not concise or clear. Stefanie has a talent for asking questions and putting the information together in a palatable way. Talking to Stefanie about my dream projects and not just talking to myself in my head about them made it real. I am inspired and can see what I want more vividly. And most importantly, I now know what actions there are to take.



Speaking with Stefanie is inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing! I’m a professor and a hospital manager and I have always wanted to write a book. Stefanie opened up valuable new perspectives and allowed me the open and safe space to dream. It is amazing that in just one session I was able to view my dreams from a completely new angle. I could suddenly see the road to my ultimate dream and see an actual pathway to get there. I will forever be grateful.